How to Manage Time? Short and Effective Guide

How to Manage Time? Short and Effective Guide

As Benjamin Franklin said, “Time is money.” we say it is not right!

Time is much more expensive than money and any other thing in this world. Managing your time is, first of all, the freedom to manage your life and worth it.

Every successful person recommends to optimize your schedule, manage your time well, be effective … All of these headings seem to give an implicit message: you should always be “effective” and know how to “manage” your life in order to be more productive.

The effectiveness of time management should be that you spend less time on things that you are not interested in, but are required, and more on what you like to do.

So, here are some tips for managing your time so that your work or business doesn’t take you more time than it should be, and even better, so that you have more time for yourself.


The biorhythm varies from person to person. Most people have more energy in the morning and less energy in the evening. Find out when you feel the most productive and make sure you complete the most important and challenging tasks at this time. During the fatigue phase, I prefer fairly simple and routine tasks.

A Plan

The importance of planning cannot be overestimated. Otherwise, a “working” morning can very quickly develop into 4 hours spent on Instagram. And, of course, then a lunch break … In general, a lost morning.

Having a clear plan will allow you not to be distracted from work and complete it faster. Planning is generally a good thing that you should practice on a regular basis.

How to create an action plan and achieve your personal goals?

One Tasker

If your work has a lot of different things, try to focus on one thing at a time and not be distracted by email, phone calls, and more.

Only after you have completed the task can you move on to the next. As a rule, your colleagues will understand if you tell them from time to time that you do not want to be disturbed.

Try to read your emails only once: either you process them directly, or transfer them to the person in charge, or put them in the right folder. This way you save time.

The Priorities

For effective work and the timely completion of various tasks, it is advisable to manage your time and prioritize well.

Ask yourself which tasks are most relevant and which ones can wait. That is, do not dive headlong, but plan ahead. Clearly explain to your colleagues what should come first and what you can do later.


If your workplace remains clean, things are not scattered everywhere, and you do not need to look for documents in various places, you will have more time and energy. This will help your concentration and motivation.

It is also important to keep data under clear and explicit names. This will save you from searching for an indefinite period and is unnecessarily annoying.


Whether it’s a sport before you go to work, a walk during the lunch break or a pleasant walk in the evening.

Give yourself a moment of relaxation every day. You will feel better and easier to do the job. You will also be healthier and less stressed.


Your colleagues may ask you for help. If you have the time and ability, then nothing bothers you. However, if you already have something to do, you also have the right to say no. Otherwise, you run the risk of overworking and not doing your job on time.

Stay active and be happy.